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Sealing tape beige

Beige tape is made of high-quality OPP material and is based on biaxially oriented polypropylene film. A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is evenly coated on one side of the substrate. The color is yellow, which is environmentally friendly and has no toxic effects. The adhesive tape is highly viscous, not easy to fall off after being fixed, and has the characteristics of temperature resistance, solvent resistance, and no glue overflow. Mainly used in sealing, packaging and fixing industries.

The quality of the tape has a great relationship with the glue used. There are two criteria for the quality of the glue, one is the initial adhesion and the other is the persistence. The two are inversely proportional.

Under normal circumstances, the adhesive force is less than 10 tapes are coated with less glue, generally only about 20 microns, like stationery tape, general promotional tape used for binding. The initial adhesion of normal sealing tape is between 15 and 20. The thickness of the glue of this tape is generally 22 to 28 microns. This is the thickness that meets the tape standard.

It is reported that most of the tapes on the market are doped with impurities, so the thickness will increase, generally this is to cover up the impurities. Some tapes will also be mixed with toner, that is, the colored tapes we see, such as light yellow, green, red, etc., generally this kind of tape is defective. Of course, some manufacturers also specialize in the production of colored tapes, so they must be distinguished.

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