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Machine-grade Pre-stretched Film

Stretch film, also known as "stretch fllm" (stretch fllm), is produced using imported linear polyethylene LLDPE resin and special tackifier additives. Stretch film packaging is currently a very popular packaging form in the world. It has high strength and large elasticity. It can wrap tightly on any geometric shape of goods, and can avoid the damage caused by the bundling. It has good anti-loosening properties. , Rainproof, dustproof, anti-theft and other effects, it is widely used in the collective packaging and pallet packaging of articles, used in containers (cans), chemicals, ceramics, glass, hardware machinery and equipment (stainless steel plates), papermaking (paper slitting) , Textiles, furniture, food industry (soft packaging beverages), electronic product boxes and other industries.

There are two types of stretch film extension and hand use. Manual winding only needs a hand-held unwinding rack with damping brake, and one person holds the wrapper, which is light and flexible, and adapts to local conditions. Machine-used winding should be packed in batches, and the winding machine should be equipped with high production efficiency, uniform and beautiful appearance, good packaging quality and fast speed.

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